Best approach to specific Table Design

I am writing a “health” related app that will allow for one to “n” people (ie. family) to track various things.
Most of the database table design is straight forward, except the “User Profile”

the will be one “entry” per person, and the simple fields (name etc are not a problem)
but in addition there are “personal goals”, there consist of 3 categories, with each category having 5 values (tooLow, Low, Goal, High and TooHigh)

I am struggling with the best table design for this. especially since most of this data will be entered ONCE

So I could have ONE record with these 15 fields in it
I could have a related record with the KEY, and the 15 fields
I could have 3 related records (category) each with the KEY and 5 values (level)
I could have 5 records (levels) each with KEY and 3 values (category)
or least desireable would be 15 fields with KEY, LEVEL, CATEGORY and value

local SQLite single user database

I would go with a separate category table with a key & value. You don’t need 5 values, just the value chosen. This gives you the ability to add more categories over time without a redesign.

Food for thought …hmmmmm
the 5 levels of values per category will never change
and I doubt that I will ever have a need to add more categories… but now that I think of it, it “could” happen

So perhaps

Main Table

… basic data fields

Ref Table

Key (related to main)
Category Name
… 5 values

So for now it will be 1 Main to 3 Ref values