If Any Error call Rollback

But is was working on Xojo 2015 v2.4 i am using Xojo 2015v 3.1 i note that is no working

any one have see this

i try XOJO 2015 r4.1 same problems

i have problems with my POS if any network problems or windows
i have account balance is bad now

if any other version of XOJO that work with it SQLExecute(“BEGIN TRANSACTION”)

“end transaction” should be “commit transaction” for postgresql

Or simply “Commit” or, easier, just call db.Commit.

yes i now
but is no getting on commit or end transaction and i look the DB and it post the vales after call Rollback

i am using PG 9.5v

Check the error messages after each call to the database to see if that provides a clue.

The problems i do no have the error the customer call me with this problems so i try to check Rollback is working.

What I understand is that everything that happens between the SQLExecute(“BEGIN TRANSACTION”) and SQLExecute(“END TRANSACTION”) any rollback or exit by other error shut no save any value.
only if you Commit or end TRANSACTION.


It’s “Commit [Transaction]”, not “End…”, but otherwise, yes. That’s why I think there is something else going on in your code.

like what ?
to look for

Again, any error messages after each call to the database.