Beers & Pizza

I’ll be spending some days in Rome next July, so… wondering if someone would be interested in an informal “Beers & Pizza” (you know, just some place where to sit down and share).

Probably it would be July, 17th. Ideas about the “where”?


When you come to Argentina I will be ready for an “Asado” with the best argentinien “Malbec” red wine

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Ah I will miss you by a few months as we move there in Sept. I know @Luigi_Giammarco lives near Rome and may have some interest among others.

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Dear Mike i live near Pescara on Adriatis sea , see in map for understtood .
1 hours and 30 to Rome and hope we can meet when you come in Italy .
Good Summer

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Ciao e ‘giorno :+1: Hai ancora visto il post? Spero che tu facendo bene anche. Forse che ne dici di fare il caffè intorno alla riunione?