Been using Stable Diffusion to design my app icons and it's wonderful

Been using this model to design app icons with a few text keywords and the results have been great.

Once you have Stable Diffusion running and install the model, you add the phrase “in style of SKSKS app icon” to the end of your prompt and it puts the model to work on the app icons it’s been trained on.

When you find the right prompt keywords to get results leaning in the direction you like, you can set it to render a batch of 100-200 icons and then pick the best one.

Then, I sharpen up the edges using the Tencent Animation Enhancement AI and then auto-trace it into a vector using Adobe Illustrator. From there, you can knock out the background, throw it in Photoshop and export PNG files in various resolutions for use in Xojo.

My latest icon for a music-exporting tool: