Been meaning to ask

I have been using XOJO for nearly four months now, converting a fairly large VB6 program to XOJO. Overall it has gone quite well and I have found the XOJO documentation and this forum to be very helpful. But I did want to ask about the Find function (CTRL+F). If I type my search string from scratch is seems very slow, like the IDE has begun it’s search without giving the me the opportunity to complete my search criteria for the Find. I am getting around this by pasting the search field into the field provided for the Find. Has anyone else noticed this and is there any other workarounds besides what I am doing?

Yes I have noticed that… It is one Mac behavior I don’t like! I want to be in control!!!

AFAIK there is no other workaround.

I’m on a Mac and I have to agree…updating the search results everytime you type a character may be “cool”… but becomes counterproductive when you have a large project… it sometimes takes a while just to enter the search criteria.

It’s not meant to search after every character, but rather after a delay from the last character you typed. However, if you don’t like the behavior, you should file a Feedback case asking it to be changed.

I have to ask which find field
There are two that people may be referring to
One at the top of the left hand navigator and one in the lower find pane

Lower Find Pane

Same here.

That one has a delay on it - .5 seconds between keystrokes
It resets a timer on each keystroke
When the timer action event finally gets executed it starts a thread that does the search
If you type some more it kills the thread & resets the timer

I was referring to the lower find pane, sounds like I need to type my search string a little faster, although .5 second is a fairly short time. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve had any trouble with it in recent versions.

FWIW - this is one of the features of the new IDE which I like. Others not so much.

I love the auto search feature. It’s awesome. Sometimes it slows a little but generally it’s not. Works very fast for me.

Speed of searching will be relative to how big your project is - the length of the search string really only affects the number of found results which can affect display speed(but not search speed)

I suppose we could make the delay longer based on the length of the search string so short strings don’t run right away but as you get past about some length (maybe 5 - 7 characters) drop it back to .5 seconds as that starts to be specific enough that its not going to find thousands of results

And pressing enter or return will rerun whatever search is entered

if (UserPreferences.RealTimeSearch) then doWhatWeDoRightNow else otherwiseWaitForTheReturnEnterKey end if

The search in the lower pane starts to quickly for me.

Also it starts searching already after just one single character entered and in case I have hesitated just for half a second there, then it blocks the system for quite some time.

Personally I do not want that auto-search feature, but would prefer a more traditional approach : hit Enter or click a search button, then only start searching.