Love the new IDE, like the new website too. Sure there are going to be problems, bugs and issues but this is the new face of a much better product.

This is as close as I am going to get to XCode for Windows, I just hope that over time you can make it close to Visual Studio in some areas too.

Well done Xojo! Don’t let anyone discourage you. I am going to be using Xojo more and more for desktop apps even though VS is so easy for me.

Me too!
Sure there are issues but those will be worked out soon.
I’m most scared of the VCP issues I read about here and I did get some problems converting my RS 2011r3 rbvcp project to Xojo vcp/text.
Overall I’m excited! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Anytime something changes this much it’s going to take some tweaking over several releases to get it just right.

But PLEASE… PLEASE… DO NOT implement anything in Xojo “just because Microsoft did”… do it because it is the RIGHT thing to do, and that it will enhance the developer experience, as well as contributing to Xojo own identity.

I hope it won’t take “several releases” to fix the VCP issues that are quite important :wink:

I agree with this. I love Visual Studio but that is not the right environment for Xojo.

When I switched my vcp work to Xojo some months ago, I first transformed it back from .rbvcp to .rbp and only then I opened a copy of it with Xojo. Then I saved the .xojo_binary_project as a .Xojo_project and I am using it with SmartGit and GitHub ever since. I did not run into any problems. (Only, I had to do some cleanup on the harddisk.)

Me too just don’t like some of the business logic that goes along with it. :frowning:

I am not going to claim any expertise in Xojo or its predecessor. Some useful areas that VS is very good at though:

Source Code Management/Revision Management (and integration with common systems as well as MS offerings)
Add-ins and Add-in management
Package management (NuGet, and Ruby is good too with Gems)

Don’t get me wrong though - as of today I am happy to work in the beautiful new Xojo IDE and I will trade off VS features for cross platform availability.

Can you build/Compile an application with a VS trial?

Hmm, today is Xojo’s day. I don’t really want to talk about VS unless it is in a positive sense for Xojo. I would and do happily pay for Xojo and its predecessor even though at the moment I have no real commercial use for it. It is small money for such a great product and now one that pleases my eyes too. If I have to look at an IDE all day then its appearance and usability really is important.

Just to be helpful:
You can download the .NET framework and code with a text editor + command line compiler.
You can get VS Express for free.

But it is missing the point - .NET apps on Mono look horrible and are not efficient, Java apps don’t fair much better unless you put huge amounts of time, money and effort into them. If you want a single source code base to target Windows/Mac/Linux with easy installation then Xojo is unique.

I’ll try that and see if that transition goes smoother :slight_smile:

Oh don’t you worry. We won’t. We do what is best for our current and future users.

Actually, Xamarin on OS X uses Interface Builder to create UI’s, so it’s nothing but native. Though Windows apps look funky, you could opt to code a Windows version with VS Express using the same code minus GUI APIs.

Also with java, for a 99% native look all you have to do is:


It isn’t just Microsoft. Every other IDE besides Xojo has “proper” IDE features.

Nothing is going to stop me being happy with Xojo today :slight_smile: My Xojo install didn’t crash, my old RS apps compiled and worked.

BTW - does Xamarin target Linux Desktop or support development on a Linux x86 OS? It would be a good comparison if it does.

Agree with most posters…excellent job and congrats to the team!


I really like the new IDE, fantastic job Xojo. Lot’s of work that will pay off.


P.S. Can you add “Xojo” to the dictionary this forum software uses to detect misspelled words? Xojo shows up with a red line beneath it when creating a post.

It’s spelled “dojo”, or so my computer / email / browser informs me :slight_smile:

It’s not the forum software doing that, it’s your browser/OS. Usually you can right-click on the flagged word and select “Add to dictionary”.

[quote=10611:@Carl Clarke]Nothing is going to stop me being happy with Xojo today :slight_smile: My Xojo install didn’t crash, my old RS apps compiled and worked.

BTW - does Xamarin target Linux Desktop or support development on a Linux x86 OS? It would be a good comparison if it does.[/quote]

I’ve been using Xojo too, and I’m very happy with it besides those first release bugs. (Autocomplete not filtering when typing, window flickering, etc) I also just discovered that when you start an “If” statement, you can press Shift+Enter to auto-insert a “Then” and “End If”. Xojo just became even more productive.

For the Xamarin question; no it does not,