Beautiful reports

I saw the following TED presentation . about beautiful reports, and I would like suggestion on how to implement that using XOJO. I have a few ideas I will list below, but I would like to hear other ideas. I don’t want to follow the project and then after long work have another brilliant idea and have to start over.
Templates should be editable
different graphs should be available and inserted in end report: gauges, column, line, area, etc
Rapid application development (use whatever is ready to be used)
Control report printing, like one page printing. Avoid having one report that split in two pages when printing.
Desktop primary.


  • Use BKeeney Formatted Text Control (FTC) and Jeremy Leroy Chart View
  • HTML (GraffitiHTMLEditor)
  • gHTML Editor
  • Use Xojo Own reporting
  • Use BKeeney Shorts

Do you have another idea? Which one do you think it is best.

Some screenshots of the reports:

What sort of reports do you have in mind? Text reports? Complicated graphics? This can go from simple html printing like I do to very complex stuff.

Have you looked at Valentina Reports?

Sorry about the quality of the images, but they are screenshot from the video

Use XSL-FO. Provide the content in xml, transform it via xslt and output it as a PDF. There are various implementations around