BCP.exe No Shell Available

Im using XOJO 2017 1.1
When I launched it I inadvertently answered YES to an Update popup (mistake).
After I uninstalled the update and re-installed the 2017 1.1 and added my Desktop and Database license then, all of a sudden, I could no longer access BCP.exe to insert text records into MS SQL Server 2000 tables.
I get this error in XOJO 2017 1.1 as a response from the BCP insert into SQL Svr 2000 table: No shell available
This used to work for years.
I re-installed XOJO a couple of times and still no luck.
Please help.

Whatever “update” dialog you got, if it was from Xojo, it would not have automatically uninstalled the previous version of Xojo.

Doing a quick search, bcp.exe is part of SQLServer which makes me think that you may have inadvertently also removed part of SQLServer from your machine as well.

Thanks Greg.
Yes, the older 2017 1.1 was still intact.
I think something happened when I uninstalled the upgrade though. Is it possible that it affected my older version in some way.
BCP (in the SQL Server folder tree) works fine from a dos prompt from anywhere (I have a path setup in Windows Server 2003).

Now, when I compile an app with xojo 2017 1.1 I started getting this error on Server 2003:
Failed to locate framework DLL

All this occurred after that unwanted click on the proposed-Xojo-update popup.

Thanks - Antonio

The error message seems to suggest you are not even getting as far as BCP. Can you shell out and run any other command line apps?