Bay Area group?

Is there a group in the Bay Area somewhere? I’ve been using Xojo and RealBasic for many years as an uncommitted hobbyist. For me though I need to be able to connect to others personally around a language in order to excel and get more enjoyment out of it (and venture into using it for professional use).

My family and friends all personally refuse to delve into Xojo, which I understand since it doesn’t pertain to their life, hobby or job.

I’ve even considered a hobbyist or professional Xojo chat room somewhere to riff but haven’t found one yet.

We once me in Santa Monica with people from LA Area.
And I organized a meeting for Las Vegas.

I was thinking of creating a MeetUp and gauging interest if there isn’t many responders here. I’m sure there are plenty of folks out there that may like to work on projects together.