Battling documents opening in Old version of the Xojo made application

I am battling a bit issue after I took one of the App and did full API2 and DesktopAPI conversion.

So before every time I updated the app then macOS just realized and the new version was the default. So when I double click document icon it opens with the new App.

Now after making build with the new API2 & Desktop API then the new App seems to have very last priority, so it was not until I had deleted 12 older versions from the computer that it could default to the new version.

(Even if trying to force it in the macOS Info window where you can set default App then that would not stick)

Is anyone that can think of something that could cause this or something I need to update to fix this so newest version of the App can again have highest priority.

Check the version number. When I had problems with this in the past, I’d left the version at 1.0 in a converted app.

Version number is 5.5 and 5.6 but was 5.x and lower in the old ones.

Unless Xojo somehow changed internally how the version number is written.

If I build like now new one then the new one with 5.7 will take priority over the 5.6 but if pre 5.5 is there then the way old one will rule.