Basic Linux question


A few basic Linux questions:

  1. How to start an app from terminal (or shell command) that is a Desktop app?
  2. Is there any difference in starting a Desktop app from a Console app?
  3. When using the terminal to start any app, do I first have to navigate to the folder or can the path be part of the command?

Thank you!

1: Execute the command with the full path:


2: No

3: Use the full path

Thanks Tim,

Also, whats the command to close an app? Is there another to restart it? In this case it would be for a desktop app on Raspberry Pi.

Thanks again!

You need the PID of the launched app and then send the SIGTERM, SIGQUIT, or (at worst) SIGKILL.

What re you trying to achieve? If you launch a Desktop app from a terminal, the terminal will appear to be hung until you exit the app or send a CTRL-C or CTRL-\ via your keyboard. This is true for any executable launched from the terminal.

For example:


will continue into the future until you type CTRL-C.