bash sshpass command not found

Hi everyone!

I’ve installed SSHPASS on my mac.
I’ts working as expected!

Now, i’m using the same command line i tested on terminal and i’m getting an error:
bash: sshpass: command not found

the proof the sshpass is installed:

AleMaciMac:~ alemac$ sshpass -V sshpass 1.05 (C) 2006-2011 Lingnu Open Source Consulting Ltd. This program is free software, and can be distributed under the terms of the GPL See the COPYING file for more information. AleMaciMac:~ alemac$

the command line i used on terminal AND on xojo

sshpass -p 'xpto' scp -C -P 2200 /source/path/file

MacOS X 10.12.5
Xojo 2016r1.1

Any idea?

Best regards!


In shell, you must enter the full path to the executable.

@Michel Bujardet , how can i use a progress bar on this case?

You will have to fake it with a timer, or use an indeterminate progressBar. AFAIK sshpass does not seem to have anything like a progress indicator.

@Michel Bujardet

Yep… i changed to rsync with sshpass and ssh.

worked great!

thank you.