Base Push Button Compiling Freezes - W8 64bits

Hi, I’m testing the Database Desktop Sample, Detail view page.
When Running this sample page I get a freezing while the message:
Compiling of BasePushButton (13 on 13) … remains displayed for ever. :frowning: and cannot run the sample :frowning: !

…Only way out of this is to kill the Xojo.
My Xojo Install is fresh - 2013 release 2.
(have another bug related to missing QTime dll at start time - but don t think that this is related, or is it ?)
Sorry if I m not posting right, I cant see any Bug Topic page…
Thanks for helping Gurus reading this … :slight_smile:

I presume you mean the EEDesktop sample app?

I don’t know why it would hang. Make sure you save the project after you open it. This project is probably the most complicated example there, it uses Build Automation to copy a database file and refers to shared graphics files. If you are still having trouble, you might try copying the entire EddiesElectronics folder elsewhere first.

Yes Paul.
Okay, I just did the Full example EddiesElectronics (plus all subfolders) to My Documents.
Opened it, changed two buttons place.
Saved project, closed it. and reopened the project again.
Running The Customer Detail page compiles everything up to (13 on 13) Pushbutton…
The Gauje remains 100% Green but never closes…
Taskserver indicates, 244MB in mem. CPU 0 %. Stating: “Not responding…”

Note: When saving the Project (original or newly made copy) The message:
All data as not been loaded appears - do you want to save it…You will loose some data…
I do not know Why this appears sinces everything, (windows etc. seemed to be available on Left menu)


Ok, I have used the “Verify project” option in the Menu.
It returns a log error stating:
(Sorry - I don t know how to switch Interface back to English yet - so I m translating error contents)

Unused Method param.
AboutWindows.LogoCanvas.Paint Declaration - areas is a method parameter unused.
Sub Paint(g Graphics, areas() As REALBasic.Rect)

ChartWindows.GraphCanvas.Paint Decla… same msg.
Sub Paint(g Graphics, areas() As REALBasic.Rect)

ChartWindows.GraphCanvas.MouseDown Declaration - X is a … same msg
Function MouseDown(X As Integer, Y As Integer) As Boolean

Note: I use an Acer V5. TouchScreen Notebook…

Is there a fix comming for this error message or is it a specific PC config problem ?

Those are warnings, not errors. No fix is needed.

I still have no idea why it is not running on Win8x64. Let me try my VM and get back to you.

Runs here without a problem on Windows 8-64

Hi Andre,
Have opened that same Desktop sample EddiesElectronics ?

Sure! No problem at all. Could it be that your copy of the example is corrupt or your Xojo installation?

I also just tried a Win8x64 VM and the Eddies Electronics desktop sample app is running just fine from Xojo.