Banana Pi Zero W - installation

Has anyone successfully loaded a Banana Pi Zero W for Xojo projects? I have one but having difficulty in successfully loading Raspbian to work - some other Debian versions work but then I have problems with using screen sharing.

A Banana is not the same as a Raspberry, so, It will not run RASPbian out of the box.

Are you using the raspbian modified to run in the Banana?

The raspberry 1 and raspberry Zero (ARMv6) are NOT compatible with Xojo apps, It looks like the Banana is ARMv7 so Xojo should work, not tested.

I have tried Raspbian out of the box, but as you say, it doesn’t work.
I have tried raspbian Jesse and raspbian stretch but problems with screen sizing and with getting a VNC server to run.

I would never put Raspbian on any of those 3rd party boards. Thats ticket for unstable system and problems.

Usually for the 3rd party then Armbian is the best bet (for most of the boards). With that said then there is no one that really supports the Banana Pi boards well not even the maker them selfs. There is though unsupported unofficial Armbian for Banana Pi M2 Zero if that is the board you got.

(Armbian usually does not support the Banana Pi’s much due to bugs in their design and total silence from the maker on just about everything)

Thanks for this - Arabian does look like it will work (although a lot of HDMI flicker at the moment).