Bad CPU type on UB Service

Do Console Apps, made with REAL2011r3, as Universal Binary, run in OSX 10.7 and above?

I used to compile my Helper App, which is a Console App, as Intel-only for certain reasons. But I had something I was trying to solve and part of that was compiling the Helper App as Universal Binary (because I wanted it to apply to PPC machines in certain cases), but then it fails in (at least ) 10.10 with the error “Bad CPU Type in executable”.

Why wouldn’t a Console App run as Universal Binary, where in this case the Intel part would run, like any regular AP would?

I can’t find any Apple reference that the universal format has been deprecated or that an Intel based machine should / would load the PPC binary but that sure sounds like whats being attempted.
That of course will not work on 10.10 as rosetta was killed off with Lion.

I got this “Bad CPU Type in executable” in Snow Leopard (32bit) when I tried sox in Terminal. (it was a 64bit version)
maybe a 32bit - 64bit problem?

Problem solved: for some reason I didn’t not check Universal Binary checkbox in Build Settings; instead I checked both Intel and PPC and not UB. Ugg, sorry for the time waster.

It is interesting that checking both doesn’t result in UB by default, perhaps just misses some flags? Was there a reason that Intel+PPC-withoutUB was even designed as a choice back then?

Do you have use builds folder on or off ?
Like now you could build for several targets at once.
If you have Use Builds Folder off then they have the same name for the Intel & PPC versions and they just overwrite each other (which is why build folder was introduced at all)