Backup your projects to the Cloud

I have created a cloud solution in Xojo for people to backup their documents off-site. While it’s free for 500 MB for 90 days, if you PM me your registration name, I will upgrade you 10 GB for free for a year (until end 2019). All files are encrypted and the cloud is on AWS S3. You can store your files on your local drives or DropBox if you prefer. Export them anytime.

The only cost to you? Please give me your feedback on bugs you find and what I can do to improve it.

Benefit to you? Backup your files, plus ask me anything on how it works (within limits)!

Where do I download it?
Windows 64-bit:
Windows 32-bit:

I’m going to try and I’ll write you soon.

Thanks Victor.

While I suggested it for backups, it is also useful for sharing files. You can let others view your files, export or duplicate them, but not edit.