Backend Data to/from a Custom Control

Hi All,

Was wondering what others’ experience was with respect to custom web controls and the handling of server requests and updates ? For example if I were to want to create a custom control around lobilist (a jquery plugin) then I’d need to handle the below:

lists: [], // Urls to communicate to backend for todos actions: { 'load': '', 'update': '', 'insert': '', 'delete': '' }

Naturally a URI is expected for each of the above but Xojo.triggerServerEvent isn’t applicable here for obvious reasons including the fact that (even if it were a URI it doesn’t wait for a response).

So I was thinking that handleSpecialURL could of course handle this but then I’d need a way to ‘map’ the request against a user session. I’d assume a token in the header would be a way to do this ?

So anyway, am interested to hear others experience with something like this (and no, I’d prefer to not start hacking into the jQuery components code and changing stuff :slight_smile: )

Thanks in advance,

Anyone ever attempted this before ?

Why not just use Session.Identifier and the ControlID?

Thanks Greg, you mean as the identifier back to handleSpecialURL ?

I meant as the token. They’ll both change with each session.

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