BackColor in TextOutputStream

Hello group.
I’m building a simple text file using code that looks like this:

Dim Mytext As TextOutputStream
Mytext = f.CreateTextFile
Mytext.WriteLine("TEST1 ** TEST 2 ** TEST3)
Mytext.WriteLine("TESTA ** TEST B ** TESTC)

The formatting is given to me by **
When I open the file in excel, setting the ** as separator, each data goes in its place and all data are stacked well.
And so far so good.

wondered is there any possibility of being able to color the lap, perhaps by inserting some type of code in the text file that is interpreted by Excel as the backcolor of the cell or the staff?

As always, thanks in advance.

I don’t know of any magic codes that convince Excel reading a plain text file to color individual cells.

I have used and recommend Einhugur’s ExcelWriter plugin to write formatted Excel spreadsheets that open correctly. When clients ask me to build something they intend to open in Excel, I lean toward using the actual Excel format.

if you rename the .xlsx file as .zip you can open it contens (xml files).

if you use the office plugin it should also possible to create real excel files
with the excel object but you need a office license and windows enviroment.

in excel it is possible to create a cell style by condition.

with the excel object its possible to open a excel template file,
you would only put in the data and save the file as …

An RTF file or an HTML file can do colors quite easily.
I guess a lot depends on what you want to do with the data once it is in Excel…

Ok thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Nothing in particular, just color a certain row.
I can do it by hand, but I wanted to know if there was the possibility to do it automatically.