Back - Forward Navigation

Is there somewhere an example of a back/forward browser navigation implementation that I could use because it gives my clients a big headache. Just to be clear, I am talking about the browser’s back/forward buttons, not some custom in-app buttons.


Hi @Gabriel_L ,

You can achieve this by using a combination of WebSession.SaveState method and the WebSession.HashTagChanged event.

I like to have a HashTag constant on each WebPage, to avoid typos, but that’s up to you =)

Here is an example, hope this helps:

PS: As an alternative, you can also block browser’s back button.

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Thanks! I’ll have a look at your solution.
Unfortunately blocking the back/forward buttons are not an option…

Sure, then SaveState and HashTagChanged will do the trick :smiley:

Thank you, Ricardo. It works perfectly.

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No worries, happy to help! =)