BACK Button on a webpage with container

Hi Guys,

I have 1 single webpage.
When my user navigate from menu, I use Webcontainer to provide new display.
Whey he clicked BACK BUTTON of the browser, my xojo web app got back to LOGIN SCREEN which should not be.

I want to make a page navigation via webcontainer, is it possible?

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You can’t use the back button in Web Apps when using WebPages and WebContainers.

Aloe lets you use the back button

You may want to look at this page in the docs. WebSession.ConfirmMessage could be a good workaround.

Thank you! Is Aloe already for ready for use? How about WebsessionConfirmmessage? Can you please give us a little bit idea for the workaround?

Thank you Guys for the help.

WebSession.ConfirmMessage will show a message to the user warning them that they are about to leave the page when accidentally clicking go back and go forward.

Aloe is ready to be used but is completely different than the Xojo Web Framework. You essentially write the html code that is sent to the user instead of the editing controls…