Azure/Windows and Xojo Web Issue

I have moved one of our web applications from Windows 2012 R2 (a VM) where it is working perfectly fine, to Windows 2016 on Azule. I am getting the following error each time I access it in the browser.

Unhandled OutOfBoundsException Message: Stack: RuntimeRaiseException RaiseOutOfBoundsException RuntimeLockUnlockArrays Session.Session.dsLaunch%%o<Session.Session>ss Session.Session.Event_Open%%o<Session.Session> WebSession._ExecuteEvent%%o<WebSession>sA1v&b WebSession._HandleEvent%%o<WebSession>so<_HTTPServer.HTTPRequestContext> WebSession._HandleRequest%i8%o<WebSession>so<_HTTPServer.HTTPRequestContext> WebApplication._HandleHTTPRequest%%o<WebApplication>o<_HTTPServer.HTTPRequestContext> _HTTPServer.HTTPRequestThread.Event_Run%%o<_HTTPServer.HTTPRequestThread> RuntimeStackCheck RuntimeTextFromOldString o__realloc_base BaseThreadInitThunk RtlUserThreadStart

  • The web app is a standalone application
  • It was compiled using Xojo 18.3
  • I recompiled it using Xojo 18.4 and the exact same error is displayed.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

I’ve aded exception handling at the app level and unfortunately no more information is provide:

  • Message = Blank
  • Reason = Blank
  • Error Number = 0

Not sure where to even begin on trying to debug this. :frowning:

I just spun up a Azure Windows 2012 R2 instance and I’m getting the same results. This appears to be something to do with Azure and how Xojo interacts with those VMs. Does anyone have experience with that?

Have you tried using the remote debugger so you can see in your code exactly where this stops? The stack trace indicates Session.dsLaunch as the culprit.

I’ve never used the remote debugger so I didn’t even think of that as an option. I’ll give it a try and report back on the status.

Wow, I should have used remote debugger much sooner. What a great tool!!

Within 5 minutes, I found out the issue. Seems Windows 2016 formats the date a bit different. Once I fixed that, everything started up with no problems. Thank you Greg!

I now owe both you and Norman a beer if the company ever approves my application to attend the conference this year.