AXNumValidatedTF for Xojo

AXNumValidatedTF: Numeric Input Validation for Xojo made simple.

CASTELLN (SPAIN) 21 October 2019- Javier Rodrguez ( announces the immediate release of AXNumValidatedTF for Desktop (Windows, macOS; 32 and 64 bits).

AXNumValidatedTF is a Xojo TextField subclass (32/64 bits) for Windows and macOS allowing the input validation of a defined numeric range, using the system Locale settings for decimal and grouping text formatting.

  • Raise Events when the entered value is in / out of Range (active catching / propagation of the value).
  • Optionally displays a message Dialog when the entered value is out of range.
  • Optionally stays in focus when the entered value is out of range.
  • Use of Locale settings for Grouping and Decimal separators.
  • Adaptive formatting during the value validation.
  • Instance ToolTip / HelpTag set to the accepted value Range
  • Set the length of the decimal part for Real numbers.
  • IsInRange property to passively check if the value is inside the defined range.
  • Xojo API 2.0 / API 1.0 versions of the Class.
  • macOS / Windows (32/64 bits) compatible.

Among other features, the user can set the kind of numerical input (Integer or Real), Minimum and Maximum values for the accepted numerical input, the decimal length for real numbers, and the default value for the field. It also provides properties to enforce the input of a numerical value in the defined range (the focus stays in the field) and the optional display of an error message dialog.

As part of the validation process, AXNumValidatedTF properly formats the displayed number, including the use of the Grouping and Decimal character defined in the system Locale settings, the deletion of left side zeroes and even trying to fix the incorrect use of the Grouping and Decimal characters as part of the input from the user (for example, 10,00.32 is formatted as 1,000.32 after the validation when the , character is set for number Grouping and . as the decimal separator).

AXNumValidatedTF formats the Minimum and Maximum values, showing them as a hint in the ToolTip (API 2.0) or HelpTag (API 1) for each of the instances used in the Layout of the App.

Besides the usual Methods and Properties available in a TextField, AXNumValidatedTF adds its own Properties, Methods and Events to simplify the access and notification of the entered values. For example:

IsInRange As Boolean

Is a Property set to True when the entered value is in the defined Range, and False otherwise.

For those cases when an active notification or propagation of the value is needed, it also provide the following Event Handlers:

ValueInRange (Value As Double). Fires when the entered value is inside the defined numeric range for the field.

ValueOutOfRange (Value As Double). Fires when the entered value is not in the defined numeric range for the field.

The Xojo demo project is fully functional and whithout limitations when run from the Xojo IDE, but you need a License in order to deploy (compile) a project that includes AXNumValidatedTF.

AXNumValidatedTF licensed users are entitled to receive for free all the component updates published for 12 months after purchase.

Download the Fully Functional Xojo Demo Project at:

Watch the Demo Video at:

Price and Availability
AXNumValidatedTF has a price of 20 euros, and can be downloaded and purchased from at:

In brief:

Name: AXNumValidatedTF

Product webpage:
Price: EUR 20.00


Trial Mode: Yes
Trial Limitations: No Limitations

Version 1.1 Released

• [New] Linux Compatibility

Now the same component (and of course license for existing users) gives the ability to be used in Linux targeted apps, using the Locale characters set as numeric Decimal and Group separators.

Product webpage (including Full Trial Xojo Project):