AWS SQS and Kinesis

Has anyone done any integrations with AWS SQS or Kinesis? I am new to Xojo. I have done this with the Java SDK and NodeJS and just getting to the C++ sdk with QT5. I would love to have a path to drop AWS SDK access in Xojo. We use messaging based integrations with applications so it would be very helpful. We also use RabbitMQ.

There is the path of using AWS API Gateway to be a service gateway and use REST calls to access but I was hoping for a subscribe to queue type construct and just get the call back vs using timers and polling.

On the Kinesis side, AWS does have a Java based KCL, wonder if maybe it’s possible to use the Java client library that then would pass the messages into Xojo.

I had previously used some JavaFX clients to easily do this. Just struggling with a way to tie this in with Xojo being new to the platform.