AWS SES email attachment error

We are using AWS SES as our smtp for sending emails. We have been successful at sending emails without attachments, however we have not been able to send a pdf attachment. We are using the SMTPSecureSocket Authenticated on port 547. We have successfully sent attachments on other SMTP with other ports, but would prefer to use AWS SES.

We are receiving the following error message.

554 Transaction failed: Expected ‘;’, got “x-mac-creator”

Any help would be appreciated.


From the error message I’d say that there is a problem with the header and not with Amazon. How do you add the attachments? Can you post the header of the mail that you want to send?


Thanks for replying, however we believe we figured out how to correct it by adding the following two lines:

File.MacType = “”
File.MacCreator = “”

dim File As EmailAttachment
File = New EmailAttachment
File.LoadFromFile GetFolderItem(FileAttached)
File.MacType = “”
File.MacCreator = “”
mail.Attachments.Append File

MacType and MacCreator are totally obsolete.

I just ran into this error today - this was the fix. Thanks for posting the info!