Aws plugin for iOS

I’m looking for an aws plugin for xojo ios, any suggestions?

Amazon offers a lot of services. Which one are you looking to use?

You can always talk to a php script which does the work using aws library.

You HAVE to use something like Christian suggests as there are no plugins for iOS

Which is why I asked what service. I wrote pure Xojo code that can access AWS services. There is no need for a plugin, Desktop or iOS.

A lot of people say plugin, but may just look for anything too help.

So if @Tim Parnell can wrap his code in a nice reusable class/module for iOS and provide it to @Peter Malmkjær , than the request is fulfilled, even if it is not a plugin technically.

You are right Christian Schmitz a little misuse of the word “plugin”. But anything that can reduce complexity and lover the developer time. And most important in lightning mee on development opportunity in AWS. Fx. is there an easy “REST” plugin/function/method etc. for iOS.