AWS Deployment

For a new project I am looking at deploying a Xojo based application on Amazon Web Services. The project will consist of SQL database server (MySQL or MariaDB) and a server running the Xojo application.
The SQL server will be on a separate server instance and the Xojo app will be running on the WEB front end server.
What type of AWS EC2 instance will be most suitable? Amazon offers their own Linux flavour as well as Redhat V7.

Any suggestion and maybe pitfalls to avoid?? This would be my first Xojo web based application…

Thanks in advance for any input…


It is pretty straightforward if you are already familiar with using AWS (Amazon’s system is the most complicated part). Which server to use depends on your specific needs but I have used the T2.medium for simple apps. It is less than 5¢/hr.

The Amazon linux seems to work. Although I have not used it extensively, I have run web apps on it successfully. RedHat is always a good choice too.

I always prefer running as standalone because it involves less moving parts to configure. Are you familiar with AWS or is this your first time using it as well?

Hi Hans.

I’m hosting four Xojo Web apps on a single t2.micro EC2 instance running Amazon Linux. Two of those apps are APIs, and the other two are Apple TV app servers. The performance and reliability of the server has been terrific.

As far as the database goes, I had been using Amazon’s RDS for MySQL. However, that can get expensive, depending on your needs.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your project!

Thanks for all your feedback… I have played around with AWS a few years ago… But at the “Hello World” level…
My application will be low volume. A proof of concept app with limited number of users…I will update the database server using Lambda functions of amazon while the user will access the data and reporting via the Xojo WEB app.
I may trigger a Xojo console app or python app via the lambda function… Not sure yet… Those database inserts will not be continuous but scheduled periodically. Like every 10 minutes or so… Maybe even longer intervals…
I’ll look into the cost of the database server. There will be limited amounts of queries executed, maybe a few hundred a day.

Again thanks for the input…