AWS authentication, how do using RequestHeader

I am try to connect to a web service who run on AWS-S3 without using any plugin.
I have to build the header for autentification to send the x-api-key/ApiKeySecret, but I am unlucky.

Documentation show this code:
Self.RequestHeader(“Authorization”) = “MyAPIKey”, but in my situation do not work.

I have try with:
Connection.RequestHeader(“x-api-key”, AWS_ApiKeySecret)
Connection.RequestHeader(“NoAuth”) = EncodeBase64(AWS_ApiKeySecret)
but non work.

Any suggestion will be welcome.

How is possible to debug the header construction?

Thank you so much

I’ve done it, but it’s very difficult. Different services have different requirements for the authorization (it was easier to send SMS than upload to S3). You’ll need to follow the Amazon documentation very closely.

Due to the value of the pure-xojo-code and my time that went into it, I don’t share it cheaply. (this is my day job after all)


@Tim_Parnell maybe you can make a paid Xojo plugin for AWS :cowboy_hat_face:

If you’re going to shell out for a plugin, MBS can already do this. I wrote the code for projects that can’t or don’t use MBS. If you have a significant need, I always welcome people to reach out privately for consulting.

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Solved, I was wrong on the URL construction. My fault
Thanks Tim