Avoiding the back button and split views

I’ve got a situation where I want the user of my app to make a series of decisions in order (prerequisites determine what comes next), so I’d like to use App.CurrentScreen.Content to change the view when a step is completed to avoid the Back button on a view. This works fine on an iPhone, but on an iPad I’d like to use a split view with the detail view showing the current progress to the user while the master view keeps changing.

So I need to use something like “App.CurrentScreen.Content = New iPadScreen”. But it seems like the properties of an iPadScreen are read-only, so does this mean I need to define a separate iPadScreen for each case I need?

Never mind, just found the Dynamic Split Screen documentation. This should do what I need.

Although you found the solution, others might need it.

Changing the Detail view on a Splitscreen is done with:

If self.ParentSplitView <> Nil then self.ParentSplitView.Detail = new View1 //Changes the Detail view to View1 End If

I’m using this which seems to be working just fine:

[code]If iOSSplitView.Available Then
Dim split As New iOSSplitView

Dim master As New ChoicesView
split.Master = master
Dim detail As New FormView
split.Detail = detail
App.CurrentScreen.Content = split

Dim nosplit As New ChoicesView
App.CurrentScreen.Content = nosplit
End If