Avoid App Freezing

I am developing app in linux. the app is running smooth when it is using Local Database for the app. setting.

Now i am trying to connecting the app. with the setting from cloud database mysql.

I have a problem, while the app is running and standby for more than 15 minutes over, sometimes its freezing, cant do anything except force quit by using system monitor.

My Question is, If I want to read setting which is stored cloud database, how to stop the online database connection.

I just want to read the setting while app is open, then close again. I have tried putting db.close but still has the problem.


If you can run your application in the IDE (run it, don’t build it) you can pause it when it hangs. The IDE should show you where its stuck.

If the only change is the remote database, maybe you’re trying to use a closed or timed-out database connection.

Oh okay,

thanks, will do.