AVG and Remote Debug Issue

I am testing the XOJO programming language. I had been using the demo 2015 2.2 with no problem. I decided to download the latest version 2.4, and my AVG also requested an upgrade.
I was running the app i am testing and suddelny an AVG warning pop telling that a remote debuging problem was a threat.
Since then, when I tray to run the testing app, it compiles and halts.
Is there any clue of what the problem is?
most importanly, what should i do?
i already uninstall and re-installed XOJO

AVG is giving you a false positive
It’s the problem
You may need to white list the IDE and the remote debugger stub
I don’t know if AVG is blocking ports but that may also be required

You may also have to reinstall Xojo if AVG removed any components (such as the remote debug stub).

I had trouble running remote debug and also web applications in debug mode with AVG. After trying many alternatives, I settled on ESET NOD32. Others might be just as good, but I stopped at NOD32. It is nice with XOJO, and it has a good reputation.