AVFoundation - creating a movie from pictures

Trying to create a movie file from pictures (for MacOS). Like many other posts in this forum, I had used EditableMovie extensively in the past, and am trying to rework everything to work with XOJO in 64 bit. I know the answer is AVFoundation with MBS (which I have), and everyone points to the “Make Video From Images” example, but I haven’t been able to figure out what I need from that. It just seems to draw a black to red gradient on the screen and then create that as a movie with a 1 line at a time draw.

Does anyone have some examples of how to just take a picture (or series of pictures) and make each a frame in the movie and then create that file using AVFoundation?

Sorry, have just been spinning my tires for a few weeks and need some fresh perspective!



See “Make Video From Images” example coming with MBS Xojo Plugins.

You can do multiple frames to a video file very easily with ffmpeg. One line and you can set all the controls on frame rate, dimensions, codecs, output format and so on. I just use it from the command line, but I imagine you can call it from a Xojo Shell.

Regards - Richard.