AV tools soon?

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I am wondering, what with movieplayer and noteplayer now replacing quickplayer with the Apple AVTools, how soon can we see ALL the AVTools available in Xojo?
I tried the MBS AVTools, it doesn’t work - not unless you buy some other MBS plugins with it.

AVTools where we can play, record,choose devices, save as, snip audio files to section would be great to have! Right now I use MBSQuicktime to do all that, but the incompatibility with some Quicktime functions crashing in Cocoa and the soon to be deletion of Quicktime altogether, I would love to have access to this!

Of course, I wonder what would be the window’s equivalent? Quicktime works perfectly in windows. Actually, my only reason for moving to cocoa is because then the noteplayer actually works properly (full volume)

There are no plans to do so.

For MBS Plugins’ AVFoundation, you need a Complete Set license.
Because the AVFoundation has dependencies on a lot of Cocoa and CoreGraphics classes.