Autosave not working in 2019r3 anymore?

Yes, I know you can install an IDE script to save the project each time you run it.
Usually I don’t need to – I am used to save a lot when I am certain I will not ruin anything.
And in those rare cases where I missed I could reconstruct the last changes when Xojo prompted me that an unsaved version existed.
I just lost some work for the second time with 2019r3 now. Was just checking some localisations, so nothing critical, and when the IDE was a bit reluctant in cancelling the debug run, a mouse click inadvertently landed on the comment icon while a localized string was selected in Navigator, which Xojo obviously didn’t like.
Which is less of a problem but the missing autosave file is to me. Has something changed since 2019r1?

feedback://showreport?report_id=57884 I could write something about it, but there seems little point, the report has been there since October.

To like this answer is not really the adequate reaction, but you know what I mean.