Automating kSign 3.0 with Innosetup

I think I should start a new unanswered conversation (pardon the previous post in an answered conversation).

OK - I am using kSign 3.0 and innosetup for signing my code - all is working manually.
I thought I would attempt to automate the process, but kSign documentation now indicates they have deprecated the command line operation in 3.0 (at least that is my interpretation here

If that is the case, is there a way to automate the code signing process with innosetup using kSign 3.0?

Is some of this doable in the xojo.ide scripting? What else?

I use kSign 3.0 all the time with InnoSetup, it works great to sign the installer. What it doesn’t do is sign the Xojo app and its components.

The key is you need this line as the last line in the InnoSetup script’s [Setup] section:

SignTool=kSign /d $qLightwright 6 for Windows$q /du $q$q $f

The name of the folder my app is in is “Lightwright 6 for Windows” and is my web site. I don’t remember why the URL is there, but I’m sure the InnoSetup documentation can explain.

So to sign my app, I launch kSign, select the entire folder that contains my app and its supporting files, resources, etc., then I tell it to sign it all, and it does.

Then I quit kSign and launch InnoSetup, change the MyAppVerName entry to match whatever is appropriate, then I click InnoSetup’s Compile button and it builds the installer and has kSign sign it.