AutomaticSpellChecking not working

Xojo 2021 R1.1 on Windows 10 64bits.

Using the Xojo TextArea, AutomaticSpellChecking is only working as long as i do not subclass a TextArea.

I’ve created an “extended” TextArea by subclassing the TextArea and implemented Event Definitions and Handlers for the ContextualMenu.
In these TextAreas, the OS is still red underlining wrong spelled text, but does no longer suggest corrections if i rightclick on this underlined text.

I think i know whats happening here.
If Windows underlines a text because it may be wrong spelled, windows replaces the standard context menu with suggestions for corrections. As soon as we implement our own contextual menu, the Xojo TextArea ignores this behaviour and always initiates the custom contextual menu.
How can we restore Windows “native behaviour”?

What may i do wrong here? Any ideas?

Once you start creating your own menu you lose the built in features like spell checking. Mbs has a windows spell checker which can allow you to add your own spell checking options to your custom popup whilst still using the text areas red line hints.

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