Adding Copy, Cut, and Paste commands to Windows TextArea controls

On macOS, a TextArea control that has the TextArea.AllowSpellChecking property set to True has a contextual menu that includes both the standard Copy, Cut, and Paste editing commands and spelling / grammar commands.

On Windows, we don’t seem to get the standard editing commands in the contextual menu, but we do get spelling features if the contextual menu is invoked with some text selected.

How should we add Copy, Cut, and Paste to Windows TextArea contextual menus without losing spellcheck features? If I use TextArea.ConstructContextualMenu to add my own items to the contextual menu, I lose the Windows spell checking commands.

Seems related to:

I think you’re onto something there, Sascha.

It’s seems odd that the Windows contextual menu doesn’t include copy, cut, and paste by default.

I’m ok with an empty Menu as soon as i start to add my own contextual menu and it’s not that difficult to add the System Cut/Copy/Paste/… Menu using MenuItem.Clone.

But i’ve not found a way yet, to reenable the System Spelling Menu. :confused:

But i’ve not found a way yet, to reenable the System Spelling Menu. :confused:

Yeah, that’s the stumbling block. If we could add to the contextual menu without losing the OS spelling items then I’d be happy.

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