Automatic HTTP to HTTPS ReDirect

Is there an easy way to perform an automatic redirect when a user attempts to reach the site on a non-SSL port? 80 --> 443. I am running a stand-alone server. Not sure if this should be done in a Session Open event or in the App HandleURL event.


Either way.

In HandleUrl, you set the Location header and set the status to 304 301.

In Session.Open use


The first has less overhead for your app.

Edit: Fixed the response code.

Because it’d be nice, a feature request for “Force SSL”

Thanks! Appreciate the response. One follow-up question: I want to do the redirect in HandleURL but I’m not quite sure when do it? I’ve tried redirecting every request that comes in insecure like this with no luck:

// Request came in unsecure. Automtically redirect to secure URL
if ( NOT Request.Secure ) then
Request.Status = 304
Request.Header(“LOCATION”) = “https://” + app.HostName
end if

App.HostName is a property where I store the site name.

So I suggest only doing this when request.path = “”. Otherwise you could be intercepting more than you want.

In HandleUrl, you set the Location header and set the status to 304.

Greg – Im a little lost on this part. Can you point me to the docs/example?

Here ya go. Just replace the newURL string with the one that the app should be redirected to for SSL.

Function HandleURL(Request As WebRequest) Handles HandleURL as Boolean if request.path = "" then if not request.Secure then dim newURL as string = "" request.Header("Location") = newURL request.Status = 301 return True end if end if End Function

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