Autolayout Kvetch

I know this has been discussed before, but I just spent about 90 minutes trying to get things to look the way they are intended to look.

Things that need to change:

  1. It should be possible to select multiple objects and move them (with the mouse) without having them all collapse to the same location.
  2. It should be possible to lock a choice. For example, if you have Width set and then move the object, it shouldn’t make a Right constraint.
  3. If you add a Top constraint relative to some other object, it shouldn’t default to the Left edge of that object. Top or bottom would be more sensible.
  4. There should be a preview. What one sees in the IDE does not match what shows up on the simulator or device sometimes.
  5. When placing objects in a container, it would be useful (at times) to set the size of the container where you’re doing the layout.

Given all that, there are times where it is useful/necessary to move things around in code. It should be possible to set x,y,w,h directly.

Sorry for the complaint.


Seems Xojo has decided to enforce the use of Autolayout in “Xojo for iOS”… which is surprising because even Apple doesn’t require that Autolayout be implemented. Non-Xojo iOS projects can easily be created will super flexible device independent layouts without ever using Interface Builder, creating Storyboard or using Autolayout.


When viewing the iPhone app on the iPad simulator a container control that has its top set to be the bottom of the container control just above it over laps the control it should be below by most of its height. Works on phone.