AutoDiscovery on same machine

I thought it was possible to have two apps on the same machine work with auto discovery. But I’m finding that if I bind one another app can never communicate to it on the same port on the same machine. Not even from a virtual instance like Mac to Windows on Parallels.

Is this right?

Well, you may consider using DNS Service classes in MBS Xojo Plugins.

AutoDiscovery is a self written class by Xojo Inc. which may not work exactly the same as the frameworks from Apple for the Bonjour service and Avahi for Linux.

I will look for an example project. Thanks, Christian.

You want to use the same port on 2 different apps in the same machine?

Pretty sure you can’t do that because both of the AutoDiscovery sockets are going to try and bind to the same port number, which won’t be allowed by the network stack:

If this is important functionality, you should look into platform-native functionality. You could use AutoDiscovery for platform-neutral network discovery and the native platform API for local discovery.