AutoDiscovery Example

I’m back.

This time I concentrate on the example AutoDiscovery.xojo_binary_project.

I loaded it in Xojo on both computers (El Capitan and Windows 10 1803), build the application,
run them, join, Typed Hi ! on Windows and Bonjour ! on MacBook Pro.

I clicked in both of the two Join buttons, and yes, I get Hi ! (MacBook Pro), but no Bonjour !, in the Windows machine.

Just like Saturday (but with an older MacBook Pro / OS, Mavericks ?), but with my application, the same running in both Apple hardware.

Either my MacBook Pro is broken or there’s a bug somewhere.

Provided you have a license (because the project needs to be build) and two computers, can you (someone) check how the project behave at your end ?


FWIW, You don’t need a license to check this. Just run the Xojo IDE on both machines and Run the project.

Try temporarily turning off your firewall on the two machines. That’s the most common culprit in these situations.
I also assume that they are on the same network on their primary network card?


What is surprising is… one computer (no mine, a Maverick running computer and a windows 10) is able to send andreceive, but not the other one.

Greg: I (try to) follow instructions. The example says build the application, so I do.

I have to make more testings and take notes cause I forgot the last results.

Yes, same network.

Btw: on the Maverick machine, my Speak "You’ve got mail" was correct, while on the El Capitan machine it was awfull. I changin it to a French sentence and it was splendid ! Apparently, El Capitan speak French ! :wink: