Hello all! I have an interesting issue where certain browsers will save textfield data regardless whether the autocomplete property is off. Specifically, my program has a page where admins will create new member profiles. On Windows at least with Edge Chromium (this one will become mainstream with the 2004 update), the names and addresses are saved in the user’s profile on the browser. If I fill 50 new members, I have as many new names and addresses in my profile in the browser.

An easy solution would be to turn off the feature in the browser, and I have no issue doing it. I cannot assume that all users of my program will share the same opinion however. Is there another way to block autocompletion (and autosave) from our Xojo web applications?

I am finding this when connecting from Windows 10. Xojo 2019 R3.1. Edge Chromium. Other OS and browsers may also exhibit the same behavior, still needs to be checked thouroughly.

All tips and insights will be appreciated.

Be safe!

after further testing, it appears to be limited to the Edge chromium build that I as testing with. Other browsers tested do not behave the same. Case closed.