Autocomplete statements feature

Should be possible in future xojo releases having the autocomplete statement feature?
For example if i write [quote]if something then[/quote], pressing enter the sytem writes automatically [quote]end if[/quote]?

It could be very useful.

Try Shift + Enter today :wink:
You can even write: If … and press Shift+Enter without the “then” :wink:
And it does not only work for "if … Then Statements. :smiley:

Also refer to these pages in the User Guide:

[quote]Ctrl + Enter (Option-Enter on OS X): Extends code to a new line by automatically adding the “_” character.
Ctrl + \ (?-\): Toggles the breakpoint on the line on or off.
Ctrl + ’ (?-’): Comments or uncomments the selected code lines or the line the cursor is on if no code is selected.[/quote]

all that I can use only with a (big) keyboard ?

On a (Linux) Notebook I have no ’ without using SHIFT

Comment works, uncomment not - when selecting nothing,
if code is selected it is replaced by ’