Autocomplete seems broken

Generally it is working well, but in some ways not quite so much. For example I have a project with a window (non-implicit) that does not autocomplete when keying a Dim w As New . At other times I’m finding that adding a property similarly the type does not autocomplete for that custom class.

I’m also seeing an issue where Dim o As New myobject doesn’t autocomplete but, if the class has shared methods they do autocomplete.

Very strange & hard to pick how and when. Creating simple projects don’t seem to exhibit the same issue.

Anybody else seeing these weirdness’s?

It’s a known problem. I can’t link the feedback atm as I’m afk

yes, for some times now I think 2017r2 which had autocomplete almost completely broken.
it was corrected in r3 but still I found some cases where it did not work as it was before.
and as you, I tried to make some sample project, but autocomplete was ok in them !
so I can confirm you there is a problem in autocomplete, but can’t find exactly where !

often, it’s when I add a new parameter to a method, this parameter is not found by the autocompletion until next run.

I am finding the same problem. I have many global constants and variables in a module, and the autocomplete does not recognize them in class methods, nor does it recognize those constants/variables when I hover over them.

The compiler does recognize them and it works perfectly during runtime. Its just the autocomplete and hover recognition that is not working.

Yes, it’s maddening. What’s even worse in my opinion is that the Syntax Help at the bottom of the screen doesn’t show method signatures while typing. You have to take your hands from the keyboard and move the mouse back over the method name in order to update the help text and see what the parameters are.