Autocomplete in 2021 r3.1

Just converted a Mac Desktop app from Xojo 2018 to 2021 r3.1 and I have to say it all went quite smoothly, however there is this annoyance with Autocomplete not working for some basic commands (MacOS 10.14.6).

For example, let’s say I initiate a recordset with

Dim rs_pmtfrom As RecordSet = ps_inslookup.SQLSelect

if I type “rs” then the recordset name “rs_pmtfrom” pops up, but then if I type “rs_pmtfrom.f” nothing happens. Usually, it will fill in “rs_pmtfrom.field”

and then “rs_pmtfrom.field(“invoice”).st” also does not autocomplete to “rs_pmtfrom.field(“invoice”).stringvalue”.

When I type it manually, the code compiles and runs properly.

No other issues so far - but this was not expected.

API1 Objects do not support autocomplete anymore.

Unlikely to be fixed as you’re using API1 recordset.

Switch to RowSet and SelectSQL and then when you type rs_pmtfrom.c it will most likely autocomplete with rs_pmtfrom.Column.

Plus you get the benefit that all your SQL can be prepared statements with no extra work.

More information is available here:

Has this been officially announced? They should still work and show an > showing what a replacement should be if available.

Depends on the origin of the Project file.

But I think the things evolved with 2021r3/3.1

Test by yourself.

Don’t think so. It may be a side effect of

Thank you. I found the guide to API2 here which helps a lot.

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