Auto Upgrade Desktop application

I have a Desktop application, i have installed it on few machines.
When i create new build for application i need to replace complete build folder on all machines manually.
I am thinking to create a program which will automatically look for updates and update the application so that users can do it on their own.
Can anyone suggest me simple way to do this ?

search for “kaju” on the forum


ok, so i am doing it on my own.
Created a small program which run and downloading updated exe from FTP and replacing it with old one.
It works fine on some machines but its not working on few machines.
I am quieting application before running upgrade program but still not working on some machines.
Its not working on few machines only so may be the problem is exe is locked or something else.
i am using file.Delete to delete old exe.

Is there any way to delete exe forcefully ?

again, search for kaju and download it and look inside to understand how it works.
there are scripts for mac linux and windows to do exactly what you need with required admin level.

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Kaju really is great. You should use it rather than rolling your own. It’s free and open source.

i am facing to difficulty to use it, Is there document where i can find step by step guide ?

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If you scroll down on the link I provided above, there is full documentation right there on the page. Additionally, it comes with a test app project for you to inspect.

A possibly simpler solution is to package you application in an installer using Inno Setup (see Xojo documentation and examples on how to do it).
After downloading the installer simply start it.
If the installer will overwrite the running application an option to terminate the application is automatically shown to the user but, if you prefer, exit the application after starting the installer.