Auto print a file

Not so much of a Xojo question, although I am writing some code that would make of use of this…

On OSX, is there a folder where one can drop a PDF and it automatically be printed? Say dropping directly into the print queue of a printer that is set up on the system?

You probably want to look at Automator.

I was looking for something more “built-in”.

Automator is built in.

Automator is not what I am looking for.

You want to watch a folder, and if a pdf is dropped in there then print that pdf.

That is EXACTLY what Automator is build into MacOS X for.

But suit yourself …

Think outside the box much?

As a Scientist all the time, actually. But what is the point of reinventing the wheel?

That is not a discussion that I need to have with you. I simply asked for a solution, then you seem to be unhappy because yours isn’t the mode I’m looking for.

I choose to re-invent the wheel all the time and it is exactly why my business is successful.

Perhaps if you expanded a little on what you’re looking for that Automator doesn’t provide, it would be easier for people to suggest a better solution. Rather than a flat, No, that doesn’t work.

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I never said it doesn’t work, or wouldn’t work, just that it does not provide the solution I am looking for.

Specifically that I don’t want to have another piece of code (an Automator script) to accomplish it. I know I could do it with Xojo, but again, separate piece of code.

I have already found the solution, it did not require any additional code. The file is simply placed in a specific location that OSX already watches, which is exactly what I was looking for.

What location is that? So the rest of us can benefit from your experience.

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Probably one set up with an Automator script … :wink:

I could make use of that too. Can you share this location?

Would you be willing to share your solution with us? Sounds interesting!

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