auto adjust tab index order - where?


I was wondering the same thing. I hope I don’t have to start doing it manually now.

2018 and a google search for “Xojo auto tab index” revealed me asking this question over 4 years ago!

Did they really remove the auto adjust tab order function from Xojo back then or am I just blind?

I see… They removed it from the menu and made it part of the tool bars. The little icon with boxes and a zigzag line going through it. The tooltip gives no indication of what it does.

half blind only ?

Menu View, MenuItem Tab Order ?

There used to be an option there (4 years ago) to automatically do the tab order. It was removed and made into an icon on the IDE. You click it and choose left to right or top to bottom.

Not sure why you can’t access it through the menus anymore, but it’s not a problem.