Authentication plugin 'mysql_old_password' cannot be loaded

Can anyone shed light on this error for me?

“Authentication plugin ‘mysql_old_password’ cannot be loaded”

		mDb = New MySQLCommunityServer
		mDb.Port = 3306
		mDb.Host = "*********"
		mDb.UserName = "********"
		mDb.Password = "********"
		mDb.DatabaseName = "********"
		If mDb.Connect Then
				mIsConnected = True
				ConnectStatusLabel.Text = "Connected to MySQL"
				mIsConnected = False
				ConnectStatusLabel.Text = "Error connecting to MySQL: " + mDb.ErrorMessage
		End If

It fails(ie. else route) with the message above.

I have a web app that needs to connect to a remote server but I keep getting this error. I cannot find any help around it in the manual and I get the error whether I use the example or using my own connection placed in a module.

Set a new password for your MySQL database and try again.

You have got to be kidding me - it is working again!!! Thanks

I would hazard to guess that the remote db was updated from pre-5.7, which supported the “old password” format. The latest versions of mySQL no longer support that authentication format, so if a user was created using the old format, they would get that error upon trying to log in to the new version.