Austin Xojo Meetup in July - With Geoff Perlman & Others

If you are near Austin or plan on coming to Austin - join the Austin-based Xojo team for lunch in July to talk Xojo and get to know other users in and around Texas! If you are interested in joining us - please reply to this survey so we can find the best date!

What do you know, I’m just about to move to Austin :wink:

@Tim Parnell Fun! Austin is a great city!

Shame we’re so far away… :slight_smile: I like Xojo, eating and talking too! Haha what a great company Xojo is!

I’m planning on it…

Yes, you are a bit too far away for a weekend trip to Austin, though I’m sure you could do it if you really wanted!

There is always XDC in Denver in April! (I’ve seen some roundtrip flights from UK for $599). Denver is a great city and I promise there will be LOTS of Xojo, eating and talking!

This sounds fun. I’m going to look into flights from Orlando!

We are up to 14 for our Austin meet-up! It is looking like the most popular date is July 22nd & we are thinking we will do it at the Saltlick BBQ unless anyone has any objections. Given that, if anyone else is interested in attending, please let me know or complete the survey!

While I am in the states, it may be expensive to fly to Austin just for a lunch.

But you guys can also join our Phoenix dinner meeting for Xojo: 22nd July.

It’s official, the Austin meetup is on! I’ll be sure to bring some Xojo goodies :slight_smile:

Here are the final details:

July 22nd @ 11:30 AM
Saltlick BBQ - 18300 FM 1826, Driftwood, TX 78619

Just a quick reminder that we will have our Austin meetup in 2 weeks! Really looking forward to it! I’ll be bringing some Xojo goodies :slight_smile:

Oh, just to let you know that I cannot come to the Saltlick BBQ next Saturday, because … eh … eh … I am vegetarian.

As a vegetarian, I’ve eaten many times at the Saltlick. They have a vegetable plate, salads and bread. I’ll admit, BBQ isn’t my favorite type of restaurant to go to, it’s the toughest for a veggie IMHO, but you do have options even at this old Texas institution :slight_smile:

@Alyssa Foley , may I tell you a secret:

  • it’s just too far away
  • it’s really true: I am

You are invited to join our dinner in Phoenix.
Same day, but at 6pm or later.


No Christian, Phoenix is really too far away, Austin would be the limit.

Oh that’s further away than I thought.


How about another Austin Xojo Meetup? :slight_smile:


Anyone else interested? We could get something set up for next month sometime.