AU and VST Plugins

Has anyone here looked at whether or not it would be possible to use Xojo to write AU or VST plugins? I suspect it isn’t practicable given that the SDK’s for these plugins are only available in C as far as I am aware.

Still I thought it was worth asking.


Somewhere on the forum some years ago someone reported trying to load VSTs in RealBasic (before it was Xojo). If I recall correctly, they were able to load a VST nominally, but the VST interface would not display, and there was nothing said about handling the audio. They gave up and used X-Code instead. A lot has changed since then, but I don’t know of any more recent attempts to work with VSTs reported here.

If you are okay with Mac only (and in my opinion a steep learning curve), the MBS plugin has classes for working with AU plugins. There are no example projects and I have yet to seriously try to use them because without any examples it looks too complicated to me, but I am also interested.

EDIT: I just noticed, I misread your question :slight_smile: I think definitely no, you can’t write an AU or VST using Xojo.

Pretty sure the answer is no since either of those types tend to be “dynamically loadable code” not “full applications”

Xojo crates full blown apps - not dynamically loadable bits of code

Thanks for your replies guys. That’s what I thought but I also thought it was worth asking.